Bob Swift Teaches with ARobot

I assembled this ARobot to see if it would be suitable as a project for some of my client schools on the Navajo on Hopi reservations. I think it is. (There are a few procedures in your assembly instructions where I will suggest changes: i.e. on page 16 I would bend and adjust the left motor mount as needed to ensure that mounting screws align with holes, but don't attach the mount firmly until after the front axle has been assembled; otherwise it's difficult to mate the coupling to the motor and axle. Ditto the encoder sensor and encoder wheel.)

I'm a retired teacher and now go by the title of Science Outreach Educator for the Department of Physics and Astronomy here at Northern Arizona University. Raytheon is providing us with funding to promote engineering among our clients and I'm starting out with the ARobot. I like the open-endedness of your system, and where we go with it will depend on student interest and capabilities. As the project continues I'll update my site at:

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