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 About Arrick Robotics
Arrick Robotics was founded by Roger Arrick in 1987 after the personal computer accessory market became dominated by the far east which stunted the growth of Arrick Computer Products - a maker of switch boxes and power control products since 1980.

The first product offered was the MD-2 motor control system which was a subsystem of a robot arm that was being developed. The MD-2 became popular with users of telescopes for computer controlled positioning then expanded into factory automation and research projects via the Personal Computing Tools catalog. Over the years positioners were added to broaden the product line.

In the mid-90's, Roger decided that there was a small market for mobile robots and the first Trilobot was designed. These were mainly sold to Universities for research projects. Later, Trilobot was given a complete update with improved sensors, a gripper, etc. Today, Trilobots are also used in High-School labs throughout the US, and have been seen on TV, in magazines, and on the front page of Scientific American's web site.

In the late 90's Roger developed ARobot which is a lower-cost robot intended for hobbyists and educators. Wiley Publishing asked Roger to write 'Robot Building for Dummies' in 2002 and the book was released in 2003. The book is focused around expanding ARobot to include speech, video and other devices. ARobot has been featured in magazines, on the front cover of Edmund Scientific's catalog, and is popular among robot builders world-wide.

Arrick Robotics remains a small company based in Tyler, Texas where all products are designed and built.

Roger is past President of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group, and founder of the East Texas Robotics Group.

Employment Opportunities
Our Employees

We Make Automation Simple!
We manufacture a complete line of cost-effective, PC-based motion control systems that can help get your project going with a minimum of hassle, and money. Our plug-and-go designs can be used by anyone that can connect a cable to a computer, load software, and turn a screw. Applications include laboratory automation, pick-and-place, dispensing, assembly, testing, simulation, telescope positioning, laser cutting and many more.

Mobile Robots for Research and Education
Our Trilobot mobile robot platform is used by educators and industry for a variety of tasks including research in artificial intelligence, navigation and security. Sensors include compass, tilt, light, temperature, ultrasonic ranging and bumpers. Programmed by the user's laptop computer which communicates through the serial port using common programming languages such as C, Visual-Basic, Pascal and Prolog. High-speed radio modems are also available for communication to off-board computer systems.

ARobot provides the hobbyist and educator an easy entry into robotics while offering the power of a real programmable robot. Expansion options are abundant using our free on-line project files

Robot Resources Galore
If you can't tell, we think robots are fun and have provided a ton of great information about them on our website. Check out our RoboMenu where builders show off their robot creations, Robot Information Central containing links to the best robot information on the web, and our School Report information that has helped thousands of students.

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