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 Automation Applications
Here are some typical applications for our stepper motor control systems and positioning tables -
  • Laboratory pick and place
  • Dispensing liquid gaskets
  • Automated circuit board masking
  • Telescope positioning
  • Satelite dish positioning
  • Automated sensor testing fixture
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • Home automation, curtain & vent control
  • Steering a full-size van at Univ of AZ

Unusual Applications

Because we've sold hundreds of stepper motor systems and positioning tables since 1987, we've heard about some very unusual applications. Here are just a few -
  • Ping-pong ball server for US olympic team
  • Toy soldier marching machine
  • Bug sorter for museum display


Pick and Place

Plasma Torch Positioning

Laser Engraving

Trade Show Display


Sensor Positioning

OEM Applications

We sell our products to OEMs which add custom software and accessories to create their own product. This greatly reduces engineering costs and time-to-market for new product development. Check out the Skyprobe Telescope Positioning System from Soft-Tec Systems which uses our MD-2 Dual Stepper Motor System.

We're Famous!

Our products have been used in many applications that you may be familiar with.


Our step motor control systems are used in Disney parades to control light filters. Multiple on-board computers control the system and direct the step motors to select the various colors using filter wheels for special lighting effects.

QVC Shopping Network

Our rotary positioning tables and step motor control systems are used by the QVC TV shopping network to position products such as jewelry. The items rotate under computer control to allow a stationary camera to view all aspects of the product.

Your Application

We have a great deal of experience with automation. We specialize in affordable, off-the-shelf solutions. If we don't have exactly what you need, chances are we can tell you who does. Call us with your application today - let's talk.

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