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 ARobot Speech Application Note
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This application note in PDF format.

Arobot Speech

This application note explains how to connect a Radio Shack Digital Voice Recorder/Player to the ARobot. This is a quick and easy expansion that will add a lot of character to your robot.

It is assumed that you have mounted a breadboard or proto board to ARobot, that you have made an expansion cable, and that you understand how to use these parts. See the breadboard application note for more information. This project will also require some soldering.

      Parts List
Radio Shack http://www.radioshack.com offers a complete digital sound recorder/playback module which will be used for this project. This item comes with everything! It includes a microphone, speaker, buttons, LED, and battery holder already attached to it. All that is needed for a complete unit is batteries which we won’t need because power will be taken from the robot.

Digital Voice Recorder/Player Radio Shack # 276-1326

There is a little preparation work that needs to be done to the module before it can be attached to the ARobot. The first thing is to cut off the battery holder wires in the middle. Strip and tin the end of these wires. Then cut the buttons off in the same way (label the sires first). Now cut ONE (see the picture) of the button wires completely off close to the circuit board. Do this for each button. Strip and tin each long button wire. Now the module is ready to be wired to the ARobot.

Wire the power (red wire to +5V, black to GND). Now connect the record wire to wire 9 of the expansion cable (P4 of the basic stamp). Then connect the play wire to wire 10 of the expansion cable. Now the hardware is complete.


You can download this program here.

'aspeech.bs2       www.robotics.com

'This routine uses a Radio Shack Voice record/play back module
'part #276-1324.  One button turns on the green led and records.
'the other button plays back the pre-recorded sound.

speaker	con     9                              'speaker pin.
redled	con     10                             'red led pin.
grnled	con     11                             'green led pin.

rec	con     4                              'record.
ply	con     5                              'play.

        low     speaker                         'turn off speaker.
        low     redled                           'turn on led.
        high    ply                               'setup voice module.
        high    rec

        gosub   honk                           'here we go.

        if in14=0 then record              'check if button1 is touched.
        if in15=0 then play                 'check if button2 is touched.
        goto    main                            'keep looping.

        low     grnled                         'signal start recording.
        low     rec                              'turn on record.

        if in14=0 then record1           'loop until released.

        high    rec                              'turn off record.
        high    grnled                         'turn off led.
        goto main

        low     ply                               'start playing.
        pause   500
        high    ply

        if in15=0 then play1
        goto    main

'beep beep honk honk.
        freqout speaker,200,1500
        low speaker

Radio Shack also carries a voice recorder chip. It costs about the same but needs several external components (microphone, speaker, resistors, capacitors, etc). It is quite a bit more complicated to connect. However, the advantages are that it can be address selected. This means that more than one sound can be recorded and played back. You could have several words that the robot says (yes, no, ok, help, ouch, etc). The chip does come with instructions on use.

Here's are some useful sources for parts:

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