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 ARobot Projects / Experiments / Programs

Encoder LED
  Command Mode Interpreter
  Alex's RC controlled ARobot with Video
  Using prototype and breadboards
  Roger's Suped-up ARobot - 501c
  Get Coprocessor Version Program
  Lego Mindstorm Interfacing
  Hidden Coprocessor Commands
  Utility Routines
  Encoder Driven LED Project
  James Vroman's ARibit
  Add a headlight to your ARobot
  Attach a polaroid sonar range finder
  Add speech to your ARobot
  Andy adds a gripper and PC/Linux to ARobot
  Emergency Stop Button
  Vector 2x Compass
  Dinsmore Compass
  Light detector
  Test Program
  Wandering Program
  Steering Straighten Program
  Add another coprocessor
  DIRRS - Digital Infra-Red Range-Finding System
  How about these great paint jobs!
  Using additional battery packs
  Upgrade batteries for longer run time
  Sources for electronic and mechanical parts

 Test Program       To Top      

Use this program to test ARobots features including:

  • Red and Green LEDs.
  • Push buttons #1 and #2.
  • Jumpers #1 and #2.
  • Sound transducer.
  • Encoder.
  • Left and right whiskers.
  • Steering servo motor.
  • All three user servo motors.
  • Undocumented second motor driver circuit.

Click here to see the test program.

 Wandering Program       To Top      

Try this wandering program to add life to your ARobot. It navigates around your house using the whiskers to detect objects and drive around them. The LEDs are used as status indicators.

Click here to see the wander program.

 Straighten Program       To Top      

This program provides an easy way to adjust the steering linkage for straight motion.

Click here to see the straighten program.

 Great paint jobs!       To Top      

ARobot's paint job is your first chance to be creative and have a little fun. Who wants every robot to look alike?

Here's the process: Sanding, Paint Primer, Finish coat, Add Accents.

  • Try using colored electrical tape from Radio Shack - Catalog #64-2340.
  • Use colored adhesive dots from an office supply store.
  • Add flexible, plastic molding from an auto parts store.
  • Add stick-on reflectors from a motor cycle shop.
  • Use textured paint for special effects.
  • Make text using stick-on letters or a permanent marker.
  • Oh I almost forgot, try using your imagination!.

There's painting information on our FAQ page.

 Polaroid sonar range finder       To Top      

Yes, you can attach the popular Polaroid Sonar Range Finder system to ARobot.

sonar on ARobot

See the sonar application note in html format for details.

Download the sonar application note in PDF format for details.

The Polaroid 6500 driver and transducer can be purchased from Wirz Electronics. See their web site at www.wirz.com.

Here's some other Polaroid Sonar Links of interest:

 Using additional battery packs       To Top      

Wouldn't it be nice to have additional battery packs to allow quick change-outs? No problem, Radio Shack and other suppliers offer battery packs that are compatible with ARobot's. Each pack holds (8) AA cells and has a snap-type connector which will attach to ARobot's cable. The Radio Shack part number is 270-407. Even though the snap-type connector is used, ARobot will not run off of a 9-volt battery. There is simply not enough available current in 9-volt batteries.

 Batteries add longer run time       To Top      

Tired of replacing AA batteries? Need more run time? ARobot requires about 10-15 volts for proper operation. There are many alternative battery options including 8) C or D cells, 12 volt rechargeable gel cell, Nicad AA, C, or D cells, or dual 7.2 volt RC car batteries. Holders for AA, C and D cells can be found at most electronic supply stores such as Radio Shack. It may be necessary to use 2) 4-cell battery holders if 8-cell models are not available. Simply connect the batteries in series to get 12 volts. You can attach the holders permanently by drilling new holes in the Robot's body or simply use velcro.

C Cells on ARobot

 Electronic and Mechanical parts       To Top      

Looking for resistors, capacitors, IC's, perf boards, sensors?

See our Surplus Electronic Source List.

Looking for gears, bearings, pulleys?

See our Mechanical Parts Source List.

Looking for handles, hinges, plastic, aluminum?

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