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 Bizarre Comments
STOP! In the name of....huh?
Oct 6, 2004 - Someone Wrote:
We are looking fro 10 pcs "Emergency stop", with lock (or mushroom type), diameter of 30mm and with metal box. Would you please quote for mention item? We will be appreciated if you send complete information(photos) related to offered item.

Lost in the shuffle..
Feb 13, 2004 - Someone Wrote:
I would like to check on the status of my phone order over 10 days ago for the vacccum.

Thinking outside the box
Dec 10, 2003 - Someone Wrote:
Ok, I want to use one of your motor control systems to turn a peach tree around so that it always faces the sun....

Calling planet X, calling planet X...
Feb 12, 2003 - Someone Wrote:
thanks heaps mate I'm a fifth form student doing an assign on robotics and had bugger all info but your page has sorted that pretty good thanks again keep it up. you're a ripper!

Who needs enemies
Dec 6, 2003 - Someone Wrote:
A friend of mine said there was no such thing as a robot. Is it true??!

Danger Will Robinson!
Aug 1, 2003 - Someone Wrote:
Hello. I hope you have time to read this. I have an invention that will change the world. Surely you're interested.

You're not in Kansas anymore...
Jun 12, 2003 - Someone Wrote:
I've LOOKED EVERYWHERE on your site and NO MODEM DRIVERS! Put them where they can be found easily!

A lack of planning on your part.....
Sept 22, 2002 - Someone Wrote:
My teacher said we can do a project and i chose a robot. it must walk and do dishes so please send parts because i'm in a hurry. also can it speak?

Counting those chickens
Jul 2, 2002 - Someone Wrote:
There is a 90% chance I will buy something from you guys. Well, maybe 80%.

O2 deprivation...
Apr 12, 2001 - Someone Wrote:
Dude! I was in a major rush to get info, and was about to give up, then I found your site, and I was so so relieved. Thanks a ton! I'm sending you a ROCK!

New product idea
Feb 12, 2001 - Someone Wrote:
Looking for a timing belt for an 94 taurus. Where?

I've fallen and I can't.....SEE
Feb 2, 2001 - Someone Wrote:
I liked your info but you should put something about robots.

Nov 18, 2000 - Someone Wrote:
Hi man. how are u man and where the on Earth are you. i keep dreaming about you all the time. i tried calling but your father picked it and said you left. at school its really fun. me and Ahmeed keep on fighting for no reason. for me its a bit morer fun since i have become a House Captain. i really mmiss you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP WRITING

My honor student can beat up your.....
Jan 10, 2000 - Someone Wrote:
yo i like the school report thiung in all but im in middle school and i cant under stand most of it

Jan 19, 2001 - Someone Wrote:
i want a robot plaese never had one before please please please send me one email me at xxxxxx plaese

May 27, 2001 - Someone Wrote:
dear anyone,I would to know your satisfaction life.

Sure, just give me your address...
Feb 19, 2001 - Someone Wrote:
will u lend me 200 dollars and one of those plattforms like u used on trial bot or what ever the one that u can put ?

That's gotta hurt
Feb 19, 2001 - Someone Wrote:
I need a small XY positioning table that can handle a 3 ton payload...

Bending the spec
Dec 30, 2000 - Someone Wrote:
....the payload is heavy - about 3 oz.

Insert crowbar at location B
Oct 29, 2000 - Someone Wrote:
...our tools are not very heavy....only 80-150 lbs....

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