Adeline by Tan Junming Clarence (Singapore)

The things that were built in Adeline was the best of 
the best of what i know and what i could get on the market. Taking
for instance her system and layout were the best selected 
from the pain-taking lessons learned when building her first 7
sisters and one brother.That "trial and error prototyping" 
alone took 9 months. 

Her programming was a bit of a tricky but with the help of 
my supervisor, Adeline managed to do what she is suppose to
No doubt she is one of my favourite robots and she had done 
rather well in the competition. 

Well, about the real Adeline whom i named after, she is a 
freind of mine whom i know for 3 years. I used to get to see
her only once a year but we have been seeing each other more 
often nowadays. 

(a very "thank you" to her for me to have the honour of naming 
it after her) 



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