A.M.B.E.R. By Leonardo F. Urbano

AMBER is a low-cost robot designed to investigate an unconventional approach 
to artificial intelligence.  AMBER is a Talrik Jr. robot kit base from 
www.mrrobot.com with many different features. 

- A BASIC Stamp II serves as the primary control processor. 
- 3 bump sensors located left, center and right around a floating wooden 
bumper ring
- 3 photocellular light sensors
- 1  2x16 line LCD display from www.seetron.com
- 2 wheel differential steering
- 2 fingered gripper with 2 servos and 1 MSC servo controller from 
- custom-made cute pink bow

AMBER is controlled by a robust, high-speed neural network. She is able to 
find a soda can with a lightbulb on top of it. After finding it, she can grab 
it and hide it in the 

Had problems with stupid BASIC Stamp II's memory allocation glitch where it 
doesn't recognize the programmed dimensions of certain variables. It would 
read a word as a byte, and a byte as a nibble and so on. Fixed it by making a 
dummy variable to move the memory pointer to a fresh new word. 

AMBER took about a week to build. She cost about $250. Without all the fires 
and lost parts, could've easily cost $150. 

More info at http://members.aol.com/stiglie/

email: stiglie@aol.com

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