Ambler by James Mullins

Ambler is a two motor walker with a one degree of freedom head.
It is based on BEAM bicore technology and is highly positively
phototropic. It swings it's head in the direction of brighter
light and the body follows. The tactile sensors allow the
walker to turn and reverse from objects. It operates on two
3VDC camera batteries. It's frame is made from hand made brass
pieces bolted together with 2mm hex screws. It's three
gearmotors are BG Miocros or Nihon lens motors and are roughly
a 100:1 gear ratio. The bot sports many little details, such
as a flip up custom PCB, indicator LEDs to show the controller
pulses and mini shock absorbers on the front legs.

The cost to build was roughly 80.00 US.


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