ANCOB by George Vastianos

ANCOB - Artificial Nervous COntrolled Beetle

The idea of building machines that reflect biological structures
is certainly not new. From Leonardo Da Vinci who dreamt of winged
flying machines to the clockwork automata, humans have been trying
to build machines that can perform tasks as successfully as the 
myriad creatures in our natural world. ANCOB is a micro-robot that
uses a tiny nervous network (Nv) to mimic, in a general way, the
living of a real-biological beetle. ANCOBís brain kernel consisted
of only two Nv neurons that have been constructed using four
transistors and some other simple analog electronic components.
ANCOBís brain is not more than a double quasi-chaotic oscillator
used for the development of a robotic creature that is minimalistic
in design but complex in behaviors...

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