ATR by Dustin Rolof

ATR : All Terrain Robot
ATR goes off road like you wouldn't believe, it only lasts 20 minutes on a charged set of batteries when driving in rough
terrain. Will last 30 minutes on paved surfaces. I got it to climb a 30 degree angle on plywood but it was extremely
slow. It avoids most obstacles using its infrared but still hits stuff because it goes too fast. 
It can spin on its axis but turning too much wears out its battery. It beeps and makes noises too. I finally got remote
control to work on it but it is too hard to control ( except for spinning on its axis). I was impressed on how well my
homemade gearboxes worked.

     Overall specs:
        -Length: 23"
        -Width: 18"
        -Height: 8"
        -Weight: estimated 35 lbs
        -Tire Size: 4" wide x 6.75" diameter
        -Speed: approximately 7 fps on dry pavement
                about 3 fps on 4" high grass
        -Four wheel differential steering(Rotates upon a central axis)
        -Two large DC drill Motors
        -Home Made Gearboxes with 88:1 reduction (one for each side)
        -Off Road tires
        -Welded aluminum Frame covered in 1/32" thick aluminum
        -plexi glass "window"
        -underside covered in 1/16" thick aluminum
        -Basic Stamp 2p-40 microcontroller with 32 i/o pins
        -My Own PCB for the microcontoler
        -Airrs (Analog infrared ranging system)
        -two 12v 7Ah Batteries
        -GSP no solder breadboard
        -L289n Motor driverIC on my own pcb
        -small speaker with amplifier
        -Radio shack remote control reciever
Parts used and cost:
(prices in canadian)
      -Basic stamp 2-p40               $130 
      -Airrs                           $120
      -Off Road Tires                  $150
      -Aluminum  pieces                 $50
      -Gears                            $50
      -Motors                           $10
      -Batteries                        $40
      -No solder breadboard             $20
      -Speaker                         Free
      -All other IC's, Wire, Etc        $50
                           Total Cost  $620
Time taken about 100 hours.
This Is my 8th and Best Robot i have ever built.
Watch out for my next creation.


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