Robot B9-2 by Douglas P. Vaters

Ok well this is my version of the Lost in Space Robot a
little different. This version will work with nobody
inside it already cost me $3000.00 to build as it stands
now the motors and brain unit will be a challenge.This
project has been a childhood dream to me.In the next
few months i will try to contact other people that have
made working as in talking and walking on his own hoping
someday this dream will be a reality.I am a model builder
that wants to bring his creation to life. This Robot is

Dedicated to Michael F.Vaters my Dad Departed July
19th 1997 In Loving Memory.



This Picture was Taken at a StarWars Show in Miami with 3
of the StarWars Actors From Left to Right Boba Fett (Jeremy
Bulloch,  R2D2 (Kenny Baker), Darth Vader (Dave Prowse).

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