Baby Wicked Man by Christopher Jones

Baby Wicked Man

Baby Wicked Man was my first experiment into mobile robot intelligence
I designed the robot to navigate its way around an unstructured environment without my intervention.
The robot was equipped with several non-contact sensors that detect the presence and relative
proximity of objects and made use of acive infra red and structured light techniques to achieve

I configured the robot in such a way that if it encountered a detremental stimulus, it would cycle
its way through all of its possible output assignments until the stimulus had been nullified. On
nullification of the stimulus the relationship between input and output is stored on a 2Kb memmory
chip. This storage of data means that if an encountered stimulus occurs again the robot would "know"
what to do.   

I lost this robot when I moved house but it was definately interesting to watch it when it was
building up a table of I/O relationships as it wouldnt always do the same thing....   


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