BabyBot by Bakir Kalajdzisalihovi

my name is Bakir Im 13 years old and Im from Bosnia this is my second robot.In Bosnia exist 
competition for young tehnical-school  students and Im with this robot win a first place in country
so Im decide to put my robot on this page.

Making this robot take me three month work this robot use akku battery for power ,robot  contains
four motors two motors are on the wheels one is wather pump and one move pipe on top of bot so robot
can shoot wather in multiple direction body of robot  is make of aluminium and wheel are make of
aluminium too.I operate with this robot with remote from toy becouse parts in Bosnia are very
expensive.Problem is heavz of this robot becouse it is too heavy .This robot cost me about 300$ .If
some one want to know more about this robot can write on my mail address:


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