Robot Name : BallROBO
Project Supervisor : Dr Norbert Harle
Project Students   : 1) Koh Seah Wee 2) Tseng Zu Hui 3) Ng Hong Wei
Description : This autonomous robot is designed to collect tennis ball on court. It is fully self-contained without human intervention.
Functions : 1) Collect tennis balls with self-made mechanism.
            2) Unload tennis balls to pre-defined location.
            3) Microcontroller controlled, self-contained.
            4) Ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance.
            5) Self-built GYRO system for navigation.
            6) Wheel-chair configurations for robot movement propelled
               by two stepper motors.
Parts Used : 1) Cheap aluminium frame 2) 2xStepper motors 3) Used Printer paper loader for ball collecting
             4) Motorola M68HC11 microntroller chip. 5) 3xpairs of Ultrasonic Sensors. 6)GYRO - two dc motors to propel two disks(inertia) and mounted on a 360 degree pot.

Problems Encountered :
1) Software development stage.
2) System integration.
3) Sensors signal acquisition.
4) Gyro stability.

Time to build :
This is our final year undergraduate project. We started from scratch and spent about 2 semesters (9 months)time.

Cost : A$ 600.00 (remember that we are using cheap stuffs and used stuffs in printers (like motors and paper loader, see picture to believe))

Other Information :
We have graduated from the uni. and further info. can refer to Dr. Norbert harle.

email :    
tel   : (07) 864 2489

Note : I heard Dr. Norbert is making a SUMO Wrestling Robot !


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