Bane Of O'Donoghue by Kane

Semi Automatic, Auto Targeting, KoolFruit Sorting, Pneumatic Turret 

This was a 3rd year Mechatronics project. 
We chose to design and construct a ballistic KoolFruit turret 
which locks onto a target, track it, then shoots it with a
specific colour 'KoolFruit' from its sorting mechanism. The 
turret could be fully automatic (target and shoot), semiautomatic 
(manual fire), and fully manual (for safety). 

The device will be filled with coloured 'KoolFruits' and then 
will sort through them placing each colour in a separate
compartment ready for selection and firing. The gun will 
choose the colour depending on the target it has locked onto. 
The barrel must have a generous angle for pan (left/right) of 
about 180deg and tilt (up/down) of about 45deg. The target 
(a remote control car) will be emitting infra-red light for the
targeting system to pick up, this will require an infra-red 
filter over the lens of the camera. 

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