Betty2 by Jim Fong

Betty is the first prototype of our mobile robot. It has a variety of
sensors and utilizes our Finger Board 68HC11 embedded processor board for
control. The robot is fairly small, it stands 4.25" high by 4" in width.
The construction is based on three 4" diameter boards that are stacked on
top of each other. The first layer holds the modified R/C servo drive units
and nicad batteries. The internal servo electronics were removed and the
motors are driven by a L293 H-switch chip. Future prototypes may use small
gear-head motors for greater speed. Most of the electronics are contained
on the middle printed circuit board. The processor board is located in the
center with the various external sensors surrounding it. The top layer
holds the LCD display and Vector compass unit. The sonar driver circuitry
is also located on the top layer, yet to be implemented. 

Our next prototype will try to integrate more of the electronic circuitry
on a single board and may have possible enhancements such as wireless data
transmitter, wireless video transmitter, sonar, PIR detector and smart
charging battery system. 

Other Hi-resolution images of Betty and technical details can be found on
our web site.  

Technical Specifications

Finger Board - 68HC11 based controller 
Vector VX2 compass for direction 
left and right IR line following sensors 
left and right CDS light sensors
left and right microphones 
left and right wheel speed sensors 
left and right IR transmitters for collision avoidance
Sharp IR detector 
IR data transmitter
16x2 line LCD data display 
Speaker for sound output 
Power monitor for low voltage battery warning 
Extra I/O Menu buttons 
6 cell nicad battery for power 
Modified servos for locomotion 
L293 H-switch motor driver
Height: 4.25"
Width: 4" 
Weight: approximately 1 pound

Embedded Acquisition Systems
1565 Shrader Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

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