Bilby2 by Ray Fairall, Angela Durie

Bilby2 is a generic machine built around a set of electronic circuit boards that we have
designed so that local school kids can participate in the University
of Southern Queensland (USQ)National Bilby competition. A Bilby is a small simple 
robot that runs a maze like path. The latter is easily constructed
from white melanite shelving material that is cut into 180 mm square tiles.
The rules are available from the USQ web page (

In our 1997 program, sixteen fifteen year olds and others built nine Bilbies similar
to that shown in the picture. Since then about another dozen have been
built in various forms. 

Our electronics consist of a single PCB (now available commercially)
with a Basic Stamp one controling two stepper motors
(from old disk drives) via a pair of UCN5804 driver chips.
Four simple opto-gate sensors are fed via Schmitt Trigger gates to the
Stamp chip. This gives effective position feedback.
Wheels are standard Meccano. It takes about twelve hours work to build a Bilby and costs about 
eighty Dollars (Australian)depending upon how much of it you can scrounge.
We will be publishing construction details shortly on our own web site.


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