BiPed by Jaap Havinga

BiPed is a 27 cm high bi-pedestal autonomous walking robot.
The work is still in progress, and up to this point
the robot is capable to walk over small obstacles without
falling. The only function right now is walking, but
will be extended in future. The robot has 7 degrees of
freedom, and is controlled by a i80386ex, together with
two PIC 16F84A aux. controllers. I use hi-torque servo's
that are modified to feedback a force-measurement. The
robot took several months to build, and to redesign (of
course not day and night). The main problem up till now
appeared to be the lateral stability of the robot. Also,
the dynamic control, when dealing with uneven terrains
is a hard problem.

Cost-indication: about $300. 

See my site:
for more details, pictures and video-clips.


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