This robot is based on a BasicStamp 1 chip, The electronic has a 
mother board with 5V dc power supply and input/output bus and
connection + connectors and Reset button on top of this board go a 
smaller one with the BS1 (pic) chip, the EEprom memory the 4Mhz
oscilator and reset circuit, it's really chip because of the use of 
normal circuits (around 20 us dollars!).
The body is in aluminium, only ten parts bolted together, easy to 
do, just need a saw and a drill!it use two servos (the cheapest i
could find!)and walk nicely on flat floor.
I'm using in infra-red IS 471 chip from SHARP for the vision (with 
random left or right turn to avoid obstacle)and two switches on
the feet...
I also put a buzzer for some sounds and flashing LED for
more info on my site


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