BotKen Autonomous Mobile Robot by Ken Reed

Heathkit Hero 2000 running custom software.  Completely autonomous, i.e. it is
alive.  Decides what to do and when to do it, feeds itself by finding its battery
charger.  Sleeps, tells time, explores, reacts to rapid changes in its
environment.  It is quite entertaining, but sometimes annoying since it has no
idea that night time is for sleeping.  

Hero 2000 is an IBM PC on wheels with single chip processors handling 
local control of motors, voice, and 360 degree sonar ranging.

Next steps:  I've used up most of the code space on the robot, so the
next step is to build/buy an RF modem and run the "thought" programs on a PC.
The code on the robot will then be sensor control and command excecution.
With the PC's memory and hard disk the robot will be able to map its environment,
and begin to learn even more.

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