Boxer by John Downey

Boxer is a humanoid robot on a wheeled platform. On board processor is 486DX2 running Windows 98.
Off platform computing is done by laptop (HP Celeron 500mhz) running Windows 98. Programming for
robotic control is written VisualBasic 6.0. Robot is capable of rudimentary machine vision. Boxer is
powered by 2 sealed lead acid batteries, configured to provide a split power supply.Speech is
produced by prerecorded *.WAV files qued by VisualBasic routine.Output for speech is generated by
laptop and transmitted to robot using FRS link.Mobility is provided by 2 dc geared motors. Steering
is accomplished by differential torgue of drive motors.
Biggest problem was getting wirless LAN to work and debugging VisualBasic I/O streams.
Materials used were aircraft composites, sheet aluminum, wood, PVC and other plastics.Time to build
was approximately 5 months.Total cost to date is less that $500
Future plans call for fully articulated arms and manipulators.
Photos of Boxer may be found at


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