BS2-6-bot by Jonas Aronsson

This is my BS2-6-bot, which I built during the last six 
weeks of school here in Sweden. It was a kind of "special
exercise" we made. I choose to build this six-legged robot, 
because I've seen some others, and they were so cool!
Those six week were the best weeks of all my years of education! 
I worked with the Basic Stamp II microcontroller. It was 
a great challenge to get all things working together,
legs, servos and electronics!

I Made the robot from scratch, assembled all parts myself. 
I hope this page will give you inspiration to do
something like this, because it's really interesting and fun! 
And you also learn a lot!

 Body of Lexan-plastic
 Uses Basic Stamp II as "brain"
 Hitec 303-hobbyservos
 Six legs of aluminiumpipes
 Independentent navigation by movable IR
 Remote access (by Sony remote)
 5V voltage-system
 Joints of aluminiumpipes

The robot is self-navigating, it uses a IR-module mounted 
on a "servo-head" to avoid obstacles. Depending on
direction and obstacles, it makes sounds and chirps. It 
also has a "pulse" LED. 

By using a remotecontroller from a Sony CD-player, you 
can override the program and move the robot by remote. 
The "brain" consists of a Basic Stamp II microcontroller, 
and it moves by sending pulses to the three servos. 
The only thing I bought were the BSII, four servos and 
some electrical parts.. so the cost were about 100$ I

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