BudgetBOT by tony björkman

This is a 3-wheeled robot driven by 2 modified servos.
I countinuous re-build
the robot(thats why it's looking so messy on the photo)
right now it can navigate and watch out for obstacles
with IR detectors and IR leds.
I've also build't an IR reciever of it connected to my
PC to control winamp and other stuffs(visualB code).
the cost was only 110$ because i already had some parts
and buildt everything myself.
i got no idea how long time it took to build it but i
would guess 6 month (i didn't work with it every 
it was up and go'in after about 1 year(!),i had ALOT of
problems getting the bs2sx to work...

38 x 29 cm 
body of plywood

2x modified servos

2x ir leds
2x ir detectors

6x 1,2v

and lots of experimental stuff

it consumes about 400ma when it's

i got the whole idea of building it after
i had visit the swedish site www.robotshop.nu

Email: solkatt180@hotmail.com

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