BUGSY by Rainier Trillanes, et al.

Six-Legged mobile robot with obstacle detection whiskers and 
Video Capture Camera

Functions: Moves around in all direction, changes paths when 
whiskers are bumped with obstacles.. Can walk in tripod, wave,
and ripple gaits.. Can simulate cradle, swing motion, dizzy, 
push- ups and even dance around- according to predefined program

Parts used: 
Electronics- 2 SSC's, Hobbico Servo motors, 
Mechanical-  locally fabricated materials..

Time to build:
    4-6 months.. (on and off- basis)

Cost :
    P 35,000 - P 40,000 (Philippine Pesos)
    Approx. 750-850 US Dollars

Problems: Weak servos.. Material selection also has to be improved

For pictures, pls. check our website....
URL :  http://members.xoom.com/robotbugsy

Rainier T.

Email: rainiert@mailcity.com

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