Bumper by Shachar Mendelowitz

Bumper is a test robot for reaserch and fire fighting as well.
Bumper's brain is a 68HC12D60 from AXIOM, programed in assembly. 
Various sensors are used - 9 IR sensors , soon another kind of IR sensor (from Japan) would be
tested as well. 
Another 2 sonars are on the sides. 
2 UVtrons on each side, a camera for object and light detection.
Also a lazer pointer is detcted , and is mounted underneath the camera. The camera detects the red
point and can determine the distance to it (by it's hight in the frame).
intense IR location detection - not pyro electric! (the long black cylndrical shape makes sure no
light from sides or above would reach the IR phototransistor inside). 
Gyro between the motors, a compass at the top, behind, a sound detector. 
1 battery (ion-lithium or nickel metal) for the whole robot, and a lead battery for the fan motor. 
a-sychronic drive (1 motor behind the other) , with 2 maxon motors.
Now building a distance sensor from a linear aray (1 on 102 pixels, 300 DPI), a camera lens and a
Battery level detection (by ATD converter)
Lots of intense blinking lights too (got to have them)
It's functions, other than fire fighting - Bumper can just walk around, picking random behaviors
(running around,something that looks like robot dancing,  spinning in the place , crushing
everything around. the last one hurts..) 
Can follow an object (pink ball) 
It used to have a Pyro electric sensor, which was good for him to follow my cats, or humen...
It is also used for 11th graders in order to learn programing before building the fire fighting
robots for the contest on they're 12th grade. 
Cost - over 1000 dolares. 
Time I am working on it - with my studies alongside, 2 years. 
Website - 
www.robotica.co.il - my site (hebrew)
www.robotoica.co.il/movies/movies.php - Bumper detects and exingish
a candle using the camera on 1 experiment, and the IR location sensor (not a pyro!) on the other.
Email: hahamalek@hotmail.com

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