caf-FIEND by Christian Greig

   I built this 'bot using aluminum tubing, Hawker Genesis 
EP16 Batteries, OOPIC Control Boards, 4QD Motor
Controllers, Futaba Interface and Bosch 750 motors (2ea).  
I also integrated an on-board 360 view camera set-up
which is relayed via 2.4 GHz x-mitter to a Monochrome 
Heads-up display.

   caf-FIEND was built to compete on Season 3 of Robotica, 
but was disqualified at in the holding pens due to a
safety violation.  I made the armour surrounding the Pneumatics 
too thin.  All that work and I failed because of
1/8" of Aluminum sheet stock!

   Oh well, my son loves it!  You can see how I built it and 
alot more pics at Http:// .  The
design is very simple and straight-forward.  I've gutted 
it and am now reusing the parts on the only TRUE
telepresence ROBOT I've built named T.E.S.S. .  

   I've gotten a ton of IDEAS from this particular website 
and am glad to be able to finally share one with you!



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