CDB50 by Rick

CDB50   My first Bot.

His Brain is a stamp2 by Parallax.
The controller board is a Cricket by Henry Arnold.
I chose this Controller over all the other boards out there
because of it's small size,Sony TV remote IR decoder,5 extra
I/O's and looks realy cool !!!

I plan on adding CDs photocells for motion detection and
light seaking and mabye a third upper deck to hold a mini
cam with transmitter........MAYBE !!!
Since I dont know much about programming yet,it was a good
thing that the Cricket came with the programs to get me up
and running right away......My thanks to Henry for all his help!

I have a total of $200. into this Bot.....SO FAR !
If you want to view more PIC's of my Bot go to my WEB site at

Also go check out the Cricket at


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