Compact by Christian Vlaskowits

I built this robot in about a week or less, using only spare and already used parts.
I fitted everything inside an old powersupply aluminium frame,
and made cuts for the wheels. 
Because it's only controlled by a single "StampI" microcontroller,
I used a serial servo controller to spare some io:s.

Until now it's equipped with a serial controlled LCD for the enviroment interaction, and a infrared detector mounted on a
which by turning the sensor enables the robot to have a much wider range of view.   

The power supply are 6 batterycells; 1,2V/cell and 1800!!mAh/Cell.
For future enhancements I am considering adding a BS2 computer and 
a light/temperature sensor.

Any comments, questions or suggestions,
feel free to email me.

/Christian V  


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