Crawler by Mat

The crawler is my first true Robot. I made it with a combination of Tamiya parts for the motors,
tracks and base. The rest of the parts were homemade. This was my third try a building a robot so it
only took a weekend to construct. Getting the circuit to work took longer. Right now it can only do
basic 'bump and go' navigation and because one motor runs slower than the other (don't know why yet)
it will do some wall following behavior. Cost was less than $30 when you factor in the Yen/ Dollar
exchange rate.
The 'brains' for the crawler is jut a simple bumper switch activated solenoid controlled motor
reversing circuit. If the right bumber hits something the crawler turns left. I have included a
resistor/ capacitor timing circuit to give it more time to back up so that it clears the obstacle
more cleanly. The biggest challenge was finding the corresponding Japanese numbered electronics
parts as over here the parts use a different numbering system. Makes it hard to follow other peoples
schematics without improvising  a bit.
Check out for more info and a video clip of the
crawler in action.

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