The New Cricket by Henry Arnold

Cricket is a simple walking robot designed to be low cost. Cricket walks around,
chirps randomly and avoids objects when touched by the feelers. After touching
an obstacle he also makes various sounds depending on which feeler sensed the
object. A Sharp IR module enables Cricket to responds to commands from a Sony
remote control which overides his autonomous behaviour. Power comes from nickel-cadmium
batteries mounted inside a his battery pack. Cricket is always very popular with
the kids who like to steer his course using the remote control feature. His
parts can be purchased completely from DigiKey, Home Depot, and a Hobby Store
for about $150. Brainpower comes from a Stamp II module. The legs are made from
aluminum tubing, a rubber grommet, a hinged standoff, and some plastic wire cover.
The body is cut from a piece of Plexiglas.  I am offering a Construction Manual,
kit, or a complete a Cricket Robot. Cricket has his own Website at or you can contact me at for more information.


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