C.R.I.S. - Computerized Robot Intelligence System by Michael Gardner

CRIS is a fully autonomous mobile robot that I built as a senior at
Brewer High School in White Settlement, Texas (just west of Ft. Worth).
It was created as a flexible, easily programmed research platform for
the testing of various AI algorithms. At the time that it was entered
in the 1997 Fort Worth Regional Science Fair, the robotís main function
was to travel through an unknown space for a given amount of time
and then find its way back to its origin based solely on sensor readings
of its environment. CRIS implements seven modified Radio Shack
Ultrasonic Tape Measures, three bump switches, and the Vector 2X Electronic
Compass for sensing coupled to a 386 via a custom made bus and
ISA interface card of my own design. The robot is driven by two incredibly
strong 6Vdc power window motors which each have their own Yuasa
6V, 10AH batteries. CRIS also uses another 12V, 7AH lead acid battery for
the computer along with numerous AA battery packs for the various
electronics. The robot is approximately 48" high and has a diameter of 18".
The construction time of the robot was around 13 months after another 14
months of research and planning. The total cost was in the range of $1000 -
$1500 which is pretty cheap for a project of this magnitude. To learn
more about CRIS and other robotics projects, visit my web page, The Robot
Workshop, at http://www.ece.utexas.edu/~gardner/ . 

Email: gardnerm@mail.utexas.edu

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