CyberAnt Colony by M-Commander

This is my first attempt to make a robot colony.
CyberAnts are independent and capable of
living in extremely inhospitable environment. CyberAnts are divided
into two classes: The CyberQueen and CyberWorkers. The CyberQueen
is a production unit, different from Workers-Scavengers. Workers
are collecting resources (metal, chemicals, food) and taking it to the
Queen. The Queen then uses the resources to build another Workers,
increasing the resources collection rate. I 'm currently working on a
modification, which will allow the Queen to build CyberEggs to build
a new Queen. The energy source of Queens ang Workers is an artificial
digestive tract, which uses organic food and enzymes as a source of heat
to power all sub-systems. All CyberAnts can live in forest-like environments,
swamps, cities, and maybe on other planets. They 're also capable of fighting,
they have 4 pairs of talons for this purpose. CyberWorkers are using genetic programming
OS to learn (how to get over obstacles, resources collection
methods...). Each hour Workers send their control soft to The Queen.
The Queen then performs simulation and chooses the best software and uploads
it to all CyberWorkers. Her software is evolving independently (building and stealth
techniques). CyberAnts curently live in my house, stealing resources and food.

 hull dimensions (L*W*H): 66 cm*36 cm*14 cm
 leg lenght (bone1;bone2;overall): 85 cm;85 cm;170 cm
 claw lenght: 20 cm
 claw force: 2*147 kN
 max. walking speed: 21 km/h
 production speed (with full supply of resources): 12 CyberAnts/h
 talon lenght: 22 cm
 weight: 19 kg 
 hull dimensions (L*W*H): 8.5 cm*3.5 cm*1.8 cm
 leg lenght (bone1;bone2;overall): 11.4 cm;12.1 cm;23.5 cm
 claw lenght: 2.8 cm
 claw force: 2*99.52 kN
 max. walking speed: 23 km/h
 talon lenght: 3.6 cm
 weight: 126 g

Financial expenses to build The Queen were $250, Queen replicates the
Workers from waste scrap. I 've built The Queen in approx. 20 days.


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