CyberBug by Ole-Johan Ellingsen and Glenn Bergan

The CyberBug is a six-legged robot that can walk and rotate around
its own axis.  The six legs have three joints each, and the position
of each leg is calculated real-time 50 times per second.
To do this, we use a SHARC DSP as the robot's brain.

To control the robot, we have made a PC program (using Borland C++)
with witch we can select algorithms, speed, accelleration etc. The
communication device is a bidirectional radio link (433 MHz).
Furthermore, we have a sonar placed on top of the robot. Thus, we can
send data from this to the PC, and generate a "radar-like" image on the PC.

Project features:
- Construction of six-legged (3-joint) robot. 
- Construction of bi-directional wireless communication between the robot and a PC. 
- Construction and simulation of algorithms (eg. walk, rotate  ...). 
- Interfacing the servos, the brain (SHARC), lcd-panel, sonar-module
  & communication unit using programmable logic(Altera).  
- Construction of powersupply-card & servo-driving circuit.  
- Developing software to controll the CyberBug from a PC. 
- Programming source-code for DSP, MCU's, Programmable Logic etc... 

Parts used:
- PIC microcontroller
- FUTABA servos
- etc, etc...

Time, cost:
This was our main thesis at Vestfold College, Norway. So we used about
half a year making the CyberBug.
I'm not quite sure what the cost was. Probably about $1000 or so.

More info:
To get a better look at what the CyberBug project really was, you can go
to the project website:
Take a look at the pictures and movies on this site...

Website for picture:
There is one picture at:
Also, there are several different pictures on the project website.


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