CYCLON by Martin Troeger

Robot prototype, designed, constructed and programmed and built by
Martin Troeger as a diploma-theme.
CYCLON will appear at the WDR-Computernacht (German TV-Computershow,
6 hours, without any commercials in between; 5th december 23:30 to
6th december 5:30 1998 ) 

some technical details:

Processor: Motorola 68xxxx
Motors: 12 Servo Motors
Camera: Connectix Quick Cam
Sensors: 2 infra-red
materials: complete aluminium
weight: 2 kg
construction/programming time: about four months

CYCLON is fully autonomous (unplugged) and orientates with his sensors
and camera.
One eye-catching application at the momnt is the detection of balloons,
wich he kills with harpunes (lets say needles...)  ;-)

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