Dazey by Bill Robertson

Dazey is comprised of a full sized cow skeleton(actual cow bones) that
walks (actually, she roller skates), mooos, and urinates by radio
control. She has windshield wiper motors providing her motive force 
and a motocycle battery as her power source. Approximately 13 months
of work was required to complete project dazey. The main problems
encountered were mechanical/structural in nature ( i.e. how to attach
linkage/support struts to the bones, weight distrubution, etc.).
    Since most of her parts came from either radio shaft or an auto
junkyard (the cow skeleton was donated), the cost was approximately

    Dazey has a WebPage located at:


    The WebPage has many pictures of Dazey in both gif and jpg
formats. There is also a link to Project Spike (a dog skeleton), a  
much more sophisticated and complex robot - unfortunately, it will
be at least another year before it is completed.

Email: billr@kiva.net

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