Deathbot by Edin Beslagic

This robot was entered in an engineering contest at
Montgomery County Community College.  It competed against
two other robots in a field course.  It won the contest
with 60 points; other two robots got only 8.5 and 11
points each.

This robot had to:
1) cross field obstacles - which it did easily, being a 4-wheel drive
2) pick up tennis balls from the ground
3) release tennis balls on a 6 foot rocket
4) push large "ignition" paddle switches

1) The robot had to fit in a 2 x 2 x 2 foot cube
2) Only provided materials were to be used in construction

1) (provided) kit radio transmitter, receiver and speed controllers
2) (provided) one servo, one small dc motor, two large dc motors

We built:
1) six wooden gears (see picture) to power our 4-wheel drive train
2) rest of the construct with wood

Problems encountered:
1) Wood that was given to us was old and warped and
   therefore we had alignment problems in our mechanism.
2) It was confusing to drive the robot since we had to drive
   it "diagonally" and backwards at times.

Time to build:
two weeks

Cost: $47 (without r/c parts)

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