Dextrous hand by Andreas Maryanto

Dextrous hand ia a robotic hand with five fingers and has 11 DOF (Degree Of Freedom), driven by 11
RC Standard Servo. Dextrous hand is controlled by potentiometers as sensor equipped Master Glove to
indicated the user's fingers positions. A large variety of different objects can be grasped reliably
and the movements of the hand appear to be very natural like movements of human hand. The dimension
of the finger are close to that of a human one. The material that used in Dextrous hand is Acryl
The kinematics of each finger loint is use a steel wire to drive the finfer for gras and use a
spring for back to normal posotion. # DOF for thumb and other fingers have 2 DOF that is MP joint
and PIP joint. The DIP joint is passively driven follow PIP joint. 
The brain of the dextrous hand is a Microcontroller AT89S52.
I need 1 Year to build this Dextrous Hand and the cost is $300.
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