EGOR2 by Thom Rutherford

Electronicly Guided Operational Robot (EGOR) 2 is the second 
in a series of platforms being used to develope a serious
set of interfaces, sensors, controls, and software for robotics 
hobbiests. He uses 3 Pentium 2/350Mhz systems as on-board
computers, 2 deep cycle 12V batteries as a mobile power source, 
and 2 100baseT radio links back to the 2 base station
computers.  sensors include sonar, infrared (pasive and active), 
motion detectors, video, tactile touch, and more. motive
power comes from 2 Bodine 1.5 hp 12vdc pm motors coupled to two 
Chevy electric seat transmissions with roller chain drive
to the central drive wheels. he can spin in his own radious! the 
outer skin is surplus 3/4 inch Lexan sheeting
(translucent gray to see thru to the leds on th card rack) the 
Vector generic card cage holds most of the interface
cards, all custom for this version, including 3 printer port 
interfaces to the on board computers. video is chaneled to
an ATI ALLINWONDER agp card to feed the signal back to the base 
station. the Saitek Cyborg Gold 3D USB joystick can
interceed to direct the system remotely if it gets lost/ confused. 
this doesnt happen often, but sometimes its just too
much fun to simply "drive" it yourself. he has 2 arms not shown 
in this pic but they simulate the human arm loosely with
shoulder, elbo, wrist, and a 2 finger oposing gripper assy at 
the end. these actualy work pretty decently, altho crude in
design they are cheep to build. the prototype in the pic took 
4 years to design, (read "afford") and build. Egor 7 is on
the drawing board and 3,4,5,and 6 were all on the board types 
( never made it off the drawing board, just kept getting
too many good ideas to stop long enough to build the proto) 
but ther comes a time when you just gotta stop and build it.
EGOR 7 is going to be the next to actualy be built. 


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