EOD multifunctional robot by Christopher Jones

EOD multifunctional robot

I did some work in Bomb Disposal in 2002-2003 and got the bug for useful humanitarian robots that
get rid of exlosives and other hazardous materials. I closely modelled this robot on EOD robots
currently used in the USA and Europe. The robot can be controlled manually or automously by means of
a PC, I'm currently working on a vision system for it. The robot is interfaced to the PC or
controller via a radio link. Specs are as listed below:

Control mode: Manual / Fully autonomous
Sensors     : Colour video camera, PIR sensor, Light sensor,  
              ultrasonics, magnetic odometry sensors, metal detector
Outputs     : Rugged tracked drive system, 2DOF camera mechanism,
              Laser for guidance, headlamps, reverse lights
Features    : Inertial navigation, night vision, dual shock feedback
Language    : C++ 6.0
OS          : Windows XP
Cost        : About 500.00

Email: c6jones720@hotmail.com

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