Erski by Eero A. and Vesa P.

This computer controlled mobile robot was built in three months. 
The Robot cost about 100$.

You can control it by a computer program. The robot uses relays
to move itself. The robot runs three hours by a 6V 3Ah accu.

The parts:
1x ULN2803
1x CD4093
1x 7805
1x 555
7x LED
1x 2200uF 25V 
1x 100uf 
7x 100nf
20x resistor
2x motor direction change relay 6V
2x motor control relay 6V
2x6V motor with integral gearbox
7x screw terminal
1x 100x160 prototype board
1x 6V 3Ah lead accu
3m flat cable
about 2m connectin wire
1x switch
2x Nikko wheel
1x wheel
9x cable tie


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