Explorer by Tommy Renglin

Explorer is an autonomous mobile robot.
It is programmed to randomly move, turn and sleep.
The robot has a mechanical bumper sensor that detects obstacles 

Chassis: Aluminium plate and steel rods.
Wheels: 2 + 1 caster wheel.
Micro controller: Basic Stamp II.
Motors: 2 modified Hitec HS-422 servos.
Sensor: Micro switch bumper.
Power supply: 6V and 9V Ni-Cad Rechargeable Batteries.
Design Philosophy: Avoid constructions that demand critical 
alignments and use non-permanent attachments.

The robot took several months to design and a few weeks to build.
I used 3D software to visualise a lot of different ideas.
The key design was a circular base so it could turn on the spot. 
I found out that threaded rods could be used as a solution to many 
mechanical problems. It was used to attach the servos,
batteries and circuit boards.

The bumper sensor has been the most difficult problem to solve so far.
I experimented with a lot of different types, but I finally settled 
with an aluminium plate and micro switches.

Estimated cost: $150
For more details and pictures & see my site:

/Tommy Renglin

Email: tommy.renglin@swipnet.se

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