Fishiod by Dave Pike

This is a robot fish made from ; clear acrylic,aluminum,
clear flexible vinal(used to make mouth guards),R.C.
servos (4),stamp "1.4"micro controller,blue LEDS (for "eyes").
It is to be "skinned" w/ a flexable clear material (if I can find
something like that) or w/ latex. It's head was made from a "drum
fish",I took an impression of it w/ dental impression material,
and then made a cast of it. I took the cast and vacu-formed the
clear material to the mold. Then I placed two blue leds for eyes.
It was made for fun and should be swimming very soon. Some water
filled bladders will probably be needed to make it not so positive-
ly boyant. I will have it swim on the surface and also be able to
submerge although, not too deep. I had thought of "whiskers" for
touch sensors and still might make them,I was going to make a cat-
fish head for it originally. Some of my other robots can be seen
Thanks to MR Arrick for such a COOL web site ! And cool products !
I really enjoy seeing all the cool robots people have made !
Thanks to MR Arrick for making these available for others to see !


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