Flat Feet by Math Vos

Flat Feet is a bipede robot.
It is made out of aluminium, and very easy to build.
The construction is almost the same as that of BIPEDE by Chevreul.
Instead of using a small onboard computer, I wanted to make this 
one with some simple electronics. It is walking really
good, and moves very fast. This can be adjusted with no problems.
When bumping into something, it reverses for several seconds.
Thanks to the construction of the legs it does walk back in a 
different direction! 

On my homepage you can find more pictures of this small walking 
device. There you can find more info about my other
robots, like a Hexapod and a BEAM walker.

Another very hot item for me are the BEAM bots. Lots of different 
bots can be found on my homepage. There you can find
more picture, drawings and the electronic circuits I have used. So 
making one your own isn't that difficult.

Email   : m.m.avos@wandadoo.nl
Homepage: Http://home.wanadoo.nl/m.m.avos

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