Flink! by DJ

This is "Flink!". I call him a viamet (VIbrating AsymMETrical) robot, but I doubt anyone else does
 [:)] . I guess he would be a BEAM robot; he uses the efficient Miller Type 1 solarengine. The 24x33 mm
solar cell charges a 4700mu capacitor. When it reaches the trigger point (2.0-2.2V) to power a
vibrating pager motor, attached by a "tail" (pager motor wires twisted around themselves). When it
triggers, the motor spins the entire robot around a few degrees. At first, I thought that was all it
was doing, but a little while later, I found that it had moved at least 3 inches form it's starting
point! At times, it tips over to one side; it appears that most of the movement occurs there.
Interestingly, it does actually right itself after a few triggers. Interestingly, it seems to do
this periodically, so it seems to have something to do with the physics of the robot. Also, when an
obstacle is introduced to it's environment (currently the top of a CD case), it moves parallel to
the object, sometimes even moving away from the obstacle. And, last of all, it does not have any
sensors and just one motor (just like the capable Symet)!

Email: snoglo@excite.com

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