F.R.E.D by Adam Oliver

F.R.E.D. stands for Funky Robotic Electronic Device.
The brain is a stock standard Handyboard driving 2 of Scott
Edwards MiniSSCs. Each of the 6 legs has 2 DOF, total of 12
servo motors to run the legs.

He was built as a personal project which I was then able to
incorporate into a university project. Most of the body is
made from perspex giving a lightweight and funky (hence the
name) looking design.

Time to Build: about 4 weeks with revisions to handle the
extra weight and balance problems.

Cost: Far too much, i think about $800 so far. And that's
without a camera.

Web site http://www.wantree.com.au/~oli

Email: oli@wantree.com.au

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