Fric and Frac by Chris Burns

Fric and Frac were designed to run with Swatch stepper motors.  
These motors are VERY low power, they can be run
directly from the STAMP CPU that is the brain of each robot.  
They can run 6 to 8 hours on a 9 volt LiMH battery.

Since I posted Fric, I've modified a few things.  The biggest 
mod was to add additional gear boxes to the motors.
While significantly slower (about 3 ft. a minute), both can 
now handle carpet and uneven ground, although they
still perform on my linoleum floor.  I also added whiskers 
directly to the Cds cells.  When I take a light reading
it will be zero if the whiskers are closed.  Additionally, 
both now have sockets to attach I/O boards.  Frac has a
board that adds serial eeprom and a 4051 analog switch 
(reads 8 pins for a cost of 4 stamp pins).  

Now that I have built the hardware I have to work on the 
software.  Has anyone ever tried neural nets with a STAMP
2?  I also want to try a smaller robot.  I have a few ARV 
2313 chips, I just need a few more motors (and some


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