Gokiburi is a 6 legged walking robot loosely based on Genghis of MIT.
Controlled by a new version Z80 board (Z84c015), about twice the size of
a basic stamp. 12 RC servos. It is made of plexiglass. Aluminum was too 
difficult to process with enough precision, wood did not look very durable, 
and are there any other materials around?.  Plexiglass is heavy. This robot 
uses 3mm thick plexiglass throughout (even for the legs), and it weighs 
about 600 gr without batteries. The plexiglass parts weigh 160gr in total. 

It uses micro size radio controlled airplane servos as actuators. These 
are just powerful enough to move it around. These were the cheapest servos 
I could find, so I had to do with them... I later learned that, these 
servos are specially made for motorcycles and mini cars, and have a high
performance (according to the manufacturer!).

The Specs are; 
Sanwa (Airtronics) SM-541 servo. 

     Speed: 0.13sec/60deg (7V) -This is quite fast! 
     Torque: 1.8kg.cm (7V) 
     Dimensions: 34x14x34mm 
     Weight: 22g 

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