GRASP 2 by Rui Alves

GRASP 2 is a low cost robotic arm built with several recycled items. For the frame I used wood ice
cream sticks and for movement transmission I used straightened paper clips. The rotating base was
built with an used 50 CD rack box. It works pretty well!
The robot uses 4 hobby servos and the main controller is a PIC 116F84A. The pic accepts serial data
and converts it into position commands for the servos.
GRASP 2 is the evolution from GRASP the original robotic arm. Basic differences are the added
rotating base and the control software. The original software was developed with DELPHI for windows
(the source software is available on my site) but then I decided to convert GRASP into a web browser
controlled robot. Now it's possible to control the robot from anywhere on the world using a simple
browser. On top of this there's a live camera feed to give the remote operator feedback about the
robots position and to indicate if a command was successfully sent or not. All the software is open
source (Linux, Apache, camserv). I have published a descriptive article of how to achieve this.
This robot is very cheap, basically the price of four hobby servos and a PIC controller, plus test
PCB board. It took me around 1 month to build and another month to perfect the software (only at
These are the links (pages include photos):
Main site is:
This is the description of the first version of the robot with windows controller software.
How to build the rotating base out of an used CDR Rack (there are some pictures of the robot on the
bottom of the page).
How to control GRASP 2 over the internet? (pdf article)
I'm working on a mobile platform now. I passed the tests phase and I'm working on the PCB now. One
of these days I will add it to the RoboMenu.
I hope this information is enough. Please contact me if I need to provide more info.

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