GS-1 by Gerhard Schwanz

GS-1 is my first robot, an experimental platform. Next things 
to come are Ultrasonic Sensor, IR Sensors. I have built
most things the way that I can easily exchange them. I used 
same sizes for circuits, plugs for connections etc. It
pays! I am planning a new robot (GS-2) with an arm in front 
to grab objects and move them around. For this one to get
operative I think I will have to experiment a lot with 
obstacle recognition by IR and US...

I bumped into the robot business while visiting a privately 
organized robot contest in Niederhöchstadt (next to
Frankfurt), Germany. I was so fascinated that I at once 
decided to build "such a thing". Information about this contest
can be found at

Functions implemented so far: 

- Line tracing with crossings and backtracking at dead ends 
  (4 LDRs beneath the chassis)

- Search for light and go there (2 LDRs on top of vehicle)

- Hear for whistle an i.e. stop (circuit with NE567)

- Avoid obstacles by bumpers (micro switches)

- Check for battery voltage (OpAmp as a comperator)

- Program control onboard with LED and key (I don't have to 
  load a different program for every function!)

The size of the chassis is 20cm x 20cm. The wheels extend 
the chassis. The robot is driven by two dc motors whose speed
can be regulated. The control is done by a Basic Stamp II. 
Power supply is given by 6 AA Cells NiCd 750mAh which will
operate the robot for approximately one hour.

All parts were purchased at an electronic shop or a hardware 
dealer. I have run into problems with US ranging. Still
working on it. Transmitter circuit seems to beam directly 
into receiver. It took me maybe 60 hours in 5 weeks to build
the robot. Luckily noone (especially me) really knows the costs! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by 

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